Kia Ora - Welcome to New Zealand

Explore and enjoy intriguingly unique New Zealand – the youngest country on Earth - with our personalized trips

Intriguingly Unique New Zealand

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We'd love to share some of the ways we ensure planning your vacation to New Zealand is inspiring - stress and hassle-free -- and -- fun.

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Kia Ora - Welcome to New Zealand

Design your trip to explore the top Aotearoa New Zealand vacation spots and the intriguing hidden gems.

There’s so much to discover beyond – and even within – the well-known areas in “The Youngest Country on Earth” more>>>

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Where to Go?

Click on the map above to discover the intriguingly unique regions in New Zealand. Each offers discoveries to add to the collection of amazing memories of your New Zealand trip.

New Zealand's Story

As you descend from 30,000 feet and touch down in Aotearoa NewZealand, you will be welcomed – Kia Ora – with warmth and the hand of friendship.

Arriving in New Zealand you'll begin a journey of experiences to create your own New Zealand Story of memory moments to treasure ... more>>>